Introducing Norwex Micro Fiber Cloths!
Norwex micro fiber is like no other cloth. Its fiber strands are 1/200ths the size of a normal strand of human hair. Normal Micro Fiber cloths are only 1/8th the size of a human hair. This allows them to capture nearly every microscopic particle leaving zero residue on your surface. And that’s not even the highlight of these cloths. Norwex cloths are infused with traces of silver that kill harmful bacteria instantly! And because of their efficient collection of particles they leave the surface cleaner for longer! This means less cleaning! If you don’t believe me about how well these cloths work then come to the clinic and I’ll personally give you a demonstration! Oh, and with Norwex cloths you use zero chemical cleaners! That’s right, none! That means no more strong harmful cleaners, no windex, no soap, no bleach. The cloth and water is literally all you need to eliminate gunky residues. These cloths are not a joke I’ve personally used them and I’m 100% satisfied. HIH is now taking orders for these cloths and for the month of January we have specials running just for you! Please message me if you want Norwex and I’ll get you all set up.  See the Norwex 2015 catalog here: 11103_2015_Product_Catalog_US_LowRes

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